an IBM i supervision and alerting solution

A virtual operator that constantly supervises QSYSOPR and your applications.

Alert4i is an IBM i supervision solution that transmits system and application alert messages by email.

Alert4i allows you in your IBM i partition to:
• Supervise QSYSOPR and applications
• Centralize IBM i alerts by monitoring up to 999 message queues
• Manage an escalation process if an alert is not handled
• Acknowledge the alert when it has been processed


Supervision & alerting:
Alert4i supervises message queues of system or application and in particular QSYSOPR
• Thresholds are set in the messages queues supervised
• When threshold is exceeded, Alert4i creates a message and sends it:
– At a 1st level of recipients (e.g. operators)
– If an alert is not properly handled: escalation to a 2nd level of recipients (supervisors)

With Alert4i a virtual operator continuously watches your IBM i