With CDP4i-CR, protect your data and don’t wait until it is lost to be warned of an attack!


CDP4i-CR is a weak AI application that monitors for abnormal or fraudulent activity in the database.

CDP4i-CR integrates a predictive analysis and supervised reinforcement learning agent that continuously performs an active analysis of data modifications in the IBM i partition to trigger actions in the event of database usage anomalies (alerts, event logging, reports, etc.).


Because each operation is unique, CDP4i-CR integrates a compliance grid for access and use of the IBM i database that can be configured according to the company’s security practices and IBM i security best practices.

Examples of checks that can be configured in the compliance grid:

  • Supervision of authorized users by application.
  • Supervision of data operations by user (add/modify/delete).
  • Supervision of time slots for access to accounts and applications.
  • Supervision of database activity over time (e.g.: abnormal activity peaks, etc.)


In case of detection of an activity that does not comply with the elements set in the compliance grid, CDP4i-CR sends an alert message describing the abnormal or fraudulent activity.

Each detection of non-compliant activity allows CDP4i-CR to improve its monitoring via a supervised reinforcement learning process integrated into the Artificial Intelligence agent.

The contact details of the alert message recipients are set up in CDP4i-CR and the messages for each type of abnormal or fraudulent activity are customized during the initial setup.


An option in CDP4i-CR allows modified data to be secured on third-party storage servers.

Using non-IBM i storage servers allows for a change in technology that enhances the security of this data.

After appropriate countermeasures have been implemented, the modified data backed up by this CDP4i-CR option can be rebuilt to the same state as it was just prior to the anomalous or fraudulent activity (rebuilding the data back to the last transaction).