your IBM iRPO and RTO under control
whatever the unavailability cause

CDP4i-HA is the replication module that complements CDP4i to make it a complete solution for Availability of IBM i infrastructure and data.

CDP4i-HA allows you to replicate a production partition in a backup partition: The replicated partition is continuously updated and is permanently available to recover the IBM i production business.

With CDP4i-HA the recovery time (RTO) in case of physical infrastructure loss (Physical Loss) is limited to 1 hour.

Production partition continues to benefit from CDP4i advantages:
• A maximum data loss (RPO) limited to 2 minutes in the event of physical infrastructure loss (Physical Loss).
• A data loss limited to the last transaction in case of logical loss (Logical Data Loss).
• Continuous outsourcing of IBM i data modifications to third-party servers.
• The ability to restore a previous version of a file or a library.

CDP4i and CDP4i-HA both installed on the production partition and on the recovery partition:

• When IBM i production moves to the recovery partition, CDP4i continuously secures IBM i critical data:
In the event of an additional incident, modified IBM i data remains available even in recovery mode

• To limit IBM i production downtime after a recovery run, return to nominal production partition can be achieved by replicating the recovery partition on this nominal partition.

Pooled RePlication:

CDP4i-HA allows you to replicate and hot-recover in a single pooled backup partition multiple production Power i or partitions geographically distributed.