Your IBM i availability truly under control: Are you sure?

​95% of companies’data is digital. Preserving this capital is critical to ensure the continuity of the business.

​The causes of data loss are numerous and unpredictable. Businesses must ensure that they have the necessary means and tools to mitigate such an event by implementing an appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan.

The availability of a System is measured with 2 components in relation to an incident or a disaster:

  • The Recovery Point Objective (RPO): Determines the maximum acceptable amount of data loss measured in time
  • The Recovery Time Objective (RTO): Determines the maximum acceptable amount of time needed to bring all systems back online

In order to resume normal service (Production) after an incident, all the data lost after the last backup must be searched, re-keyed and its integrity must be checked. 24 hours of lost data can take days or sometimes weeks to re-integrate and thus strongly impacts the total recovery time.

The RTO can only be met if the RPO is under control


What causes unavailability and data loss on the IBM i platform?

IBM i Business Continuity Solutions

Except from DRP Software’s applications, most if not all HA solutions are based solely on replication.

They address Hardware failures or disasters which only represent 35% of unavailability causes.

Human errors or application bugs account for 65% of unavailability cases but are not handled by a replication system which will propagate the error or the bug on the Backup Infrastructure.

​Data Protection is almost always overshadowed :

IBM confirms that most Business Continuity implementations focus and the Physical Loss perspective but that the responsiveness to Logical data loss is mostly overshadowed, including on z Systems.

(Source : “Continuous Data Protection for DB2 – zCDP for DB2”,

In 65% of unavailability causes, replication, if used alone, is ineffective


​​DRP Software solutions are effective against
100% of IBM i unavailability causes

CDP4i mitigates human errors and application bugs:

  • All the modified data is continuously saved and externalized to any local AND remote storage system.
  • Objects can be recovered in a version prior to an incident.

CDP4i/HA mitigate hardware failures and disasters:​

  • CDP4i/HA is a replication agent which keeps the Backup Infrastructure continuously updated and ready for a failover.

By associating Continuous Data Protection and replication,
DRP Software offers the only solution
which truly keeps your RPO and RTO under control,
in 100% of IBM i unavailability causes.


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