because human error is the main cause of downtime*.
your IBM i availability approach will evolve

* IBM System Magazine Octobre 2018 

Logical Data Loss

IBM i availability enhancement solutions are usually limited to Replication, IBM i production is protected in the event of Physical Loss.

But companies are becoming aware that they must also be protected in the case of Logical Data Loss (corruption or deletion of data, human error, application bug) which is in fact the main source of incidents.

In the event of a Logical Data Loss, Replication only propagates the corrupted production data in the recovery partition without any automated device allowing the recovery.

Protecting against Logical Data Loss

DRP Software has developed CDP4i (Continuous Data Protection for i) an IBM i continuous data protection application that can be used by all companies:
• Those using only one IBM i partition (for example, companies that use only one IBM i Power)
• Those replicating their production partition into a recovery partition.

CDP4i is easy to install and reduces IBM i data loss to:
• The last transaction in case of Logical Data Loss
• 2 minutes in case of Physical Loss

CDP4i and Replication

CDP4i does not compete with replication solutions and can be installed in addition to some of the main Replication solutions to complement them and significantly improve the availability of IBM i data for replicated partitions.

Replication solutions compatible with CDP4i:
• Hardware Replication solutions, such as PowerHA for i, Metro Mirror, Global Mirror.
• Mirroring solutions such as DB2 Mirror for i.
• Syncsort’s MIMIX solution.

Use of CDP4i in addition to a Replication solution allows companies to extend IBM i partition availability to Logical Data Loss and no longer limit it to Physical Loss, which is the only type of incident handled by replication.

CDP4i improves IBM i availability
whether the partition is already replicated or not.