Pooled replication with CDP4i/HA

CDP4i/HA’s pooled Replication System can replicate and operate a failover for multiple production servers in a single shared Backup partition.

Main principals:

  • CDP4i is installed on each production Power i’s 

  • CDP4i/HA module is installed on a centralized shared Backup partition or machine 

  • In case of a disaster on one production Power i:

    • A failover is performed to the shared Backup partition  

    • Replication of all the other Production Power i to the shared Backup partition continues




Why use pooled replication with CDP4i/HA

  • Significant reduction of cost of the Backup infrastructure

  • Facilitates implementation of a Hot Backup solution for a multiple Power i’s

  • The RPO is met in 100% of IBM i unavailability cases

  • A RTO similar to standard Hot Backup solutions

  • Increase availability of the production servers by safely reducing the frequency of Backups