DRP Software applications

IBM i applications covering the following functional areas:

Availability of IBM i infrastructure : your RPO and RTO under control

Continuous Data Protection: Keep your data safe

Version Control System: recover an object in a previous version

IBM i replication: ensure the availability of your IBM i infrastructure


IBM i Disk-to-Disk Backup

Virtual Tape Library: Disk-to-Disk Backups


IBM i Supervision & Alerting System

ā€‹Supervision & Mail Alerts: to monitor QSYSOPR and IBM i applications

In order to cover these functional areas, DRP Software has developed 5 applications:

  • CDP4i : Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solution with Version Control System (VCS) for a 2 minute RPO on a single IBM iā€‹
  • CDP4i/HA : Replication solution for IBM i infrastructure availability
  • VTL4i : Virtual Tape Library emulator for a Disk-to-Disk Backup Solution
  • Alert4i : IBM i Supervision & transmission of system and applications alerts

The most comprehensive Backup, CDP and Recovery applications on the market

Our applications enable companies to implement robust Disaster Recovery Plans, with or without a backup Power i.

They cover all cases of unavailability, whether caused by hardware or site failure but also by bugs and human errors which represent 65% of causes of data loss.