an IBM i backup on disk solution

Automate and make your IBM i backups more reliable with VTL4i

Backups are scheduled and configured in the integrated VTL4i scheduler:
• External storage server
• Backup frequency
• Backup type: S21, S23, daily, weekly,…
• Retention period


IBM i backups created according to the VTL4i scheduler settings:
• IBM i backups programmed created in the IBM i partition
• Outsourcing VTL4i backups to the external storage server
• Checking the correct execution of the backup
• Backups management

Backup restoration:
• Automated transfer of the VTL backup file from the storage server to the IBM i partition
• VTL backup file restoration managed by VTI4i

With VTL4i your IBM i backups:
• Are automatically performed on disk
• Are more reliable